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About Us

Providing a better quality of life for humankind!

Based in Colorado, with associates throughout the USA.


Our main goal is to help you live your best life.

Our team of CBD38™ professionals is knowledgeable and eager to assist new and returning clients. With our combined decades of experience, we can assist you with general CBD38™ information, detailed product information, and how to best use Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids.

Musicians, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who live active lifestyles rely on our products to support their wellness. Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids brand is different from others and sets the standard for high-quality CBD38™ for wellness. We offer CBD Meditation and CBD Yoga classes and coaching for our clients. We grow, extract, and produce our CBD38™ 100% organically. We’re among the only triple-certified organic companies in the industry.

One of the characteristics that makes our products unique is the high concentration of b-caryophyllene terpenes. 

High-Quality CBD38  for Wellness
CBD38 For A  Better Quality of Life

Our Mission

The Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids’ mission is to provide a better quality of life for humankind through our high-quality hemp extracts. We continually utilize the highest standard of hemp genetics, growing practices, and processing methods to support the health and wellness of all of our constituents. From farmer to customer, we are dedicated to providing personalized support, up-to-date education, and the most trusted cannabinoids on the market.

The Thrive team has decades of experience working with CBD38™, which has allowed them to witness firsthand the changes and growth within the industry. Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids has lead the way and remains committed to maintaining high-quality processes to ensure clean and high-quality CBD38™ for wellness.

Through years of research, Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids has been able achieve a leadership role across high-end wellness brands to produce cannabinoid-rich products of the highest quality.

Trademark CBD38™®

There are some products on the market that simply do NOT work due to their lack of bioavailability, meaning the body cannot recognize the CBD38™ molecules. For the body to properly absorb CBD38™, it must be de-carboxylated, which is the process of changing it from an acid to a lipid.

Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids developed a proprietary cannabinoid-rich chemovar, CBD38™, named after Colorado’s status as the 38th state. CBD38™ is derived from Colorado’s best organic farms, with the best targeted genetics, to produce the highest-bioavailable cannabinoids.

Thrive’s proprietary CBD38™ genetics offer a Gold Label product guarantee for:

  • Always certified organic, with proprietary extraction and sustainable organic production and processing.
  • Chemovars are always hand-selected for superior genetics and DNA.
  • “Whole plant technology™” from female hemp plants that produce the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids.
  • Sungrown and climatized for more than a decade in Colorado.
  • Third-party independent testing for purity, consistency, and quality.
CBD38™ for Wellness