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What’s the point of your CBD38™?

We’ve spent years researching these products and have focused on finding high-quality CBD38™ that promotes wellness. We are committed to providing you with products that are sustainable and effective. To learn more about us and our mission, click here.

Do you offer pet products?

We do! Our pet tincture is suitable for all pets while our treats are are formulated specifically for dogs.

Mystic Valley CBD38™ FAQs

Clean CBD38™ for Wellness

Our products are 100% free of any residual solvents. We are committed to providing safe and effective homeostasis through our loving grow and extraction processes!

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Trademark CBD38™®

There are some products on the market that simply do NOT work due to their lack of bioavailability, meaning the body cannot recognize the CBD38™ molecules. For the body to properly absorb CBD38™, it must be de-carboxylated, which is the process of changing it from an acid to a lipid.

Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids developed a proprietary cannabinoid-rich chemovar, CBD38™, named after Colorado’s status as the 38th state. CBD38™ is derived from Colorado’s best organic farms, with the best targeted genetics, to produce the highest-bioavailable cannabinoids.

Thrive’s proprietary CBD38™ genetics offer a Gold Label product guarantee for:

  • Always certified organic, with proprietary extraction and sustainable organic production and processing.
  • Chemovars are always hand-selected for superior genetics and DNA.
  • “Whole plant technology™” from female hemp plants that produce the highest quality hemp-derived cannabinoids.
  • Sungrown and climatized for more than a decade in Colorado.
  • Third-party independent testing for purity, consistency and quality.
Mystic Valley CBD38™ FAQs

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