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Eric Crowe

Eric Crowe

Thrive CEO

  • Colorado Native who splits time between the Rockies and the Dessert. Summers in the Front Range of Colorado, winters in Palm Spring, CA.
  • Lifetime Entrepreneur, Barnes Business College 1980
  • Over 40 years of applied marijuana knowledge and business success.
  • Co-Op member, Colorado certified organic farming. Over 10 years.
  • Triple Certification:
    • Organically Grown
    • Extracted
    • Produced.
  • Early Nano education, “exploration on bioavailability.”
  • 10 years passionately pursuing the medical uses of the 113-plus identified cannabinoids.
  • CSU hemp genetics study program. First of its kind!
  • Created a high-end product line featuring CBD38™, our collection of “Crafted Cannabinoids,” with proven benefits to humans and animals.
  • 10 year owner / operator of one of Colorado’s first medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Educator, blogger, radio show guest,
  • Builder and supporter of Visionary’s, Innovators and Achievers.
Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle


Robert DBoyle B.A. B.Arch. A.I.B.C.

Robert traveled extensively as a child throughout Europe and North America with his parents, both were in the Canadian Armed Forces. Selected by the Canadian Armed Forces Officer Training (R.O.T.P.) for university programs Robert graduated 6 years later with degrees in Fine Arts/Anthropology and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of British Columbia.

After serving a brief period as the Approving Officer for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (the Canadian Govt federal arm directing and assisting low-cost housing) Robert left behind the creative restraints of a government position and opened his own architectural practice on Vancouver Island British Columbia. Within 2 years Robert Boyle Architecture (BA) was the largest firm on Vancouver Island.

Over the ensuing years, his architectural skills fitted well into the identification and development of both business products and real estate opportunities. Mr. Boyle successfully helped to direct the successful patent applications of three products.

During this 35-year period, there were numerous private and public companies that received Mr. Boyle’s attention. He was President and CEO of all companies with which he was involved. This  included acting as  director and CEO of a Development Company publicly traded on the TX (stock exchange)

I am now with Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids and its amazing regenerative products.

Sports and related travel of course, afforded every opportunity to deal with a wide range of illnesses and compromised limbs. The usual sports (track and field records), member of Canada’s Olympic Team in Volleyball.
Now dealing with aches and pains….. intended to and did, research and pursue natural products to deal with these issues. I was successful.

I now use and endorse the incredible health restorative and pain treatment that is available through triple-certified organic and earth-kosher, Thrive Crafted Cannabinoid Products.

I intend to bring any counsel, and advice I can to this exceptional company and its products.