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Certified Organic from Soil to Oil

Testimony 2500mg CBD38™ Oil
Get Peace of Mind with CBD Products
Get Peace of Mind with CBD Products

Get Peace of Mind With Our CBD Meditation, CBD Yoga and CBD Chakra Alignment Coaching and Retreats – Contact Us for More Information


100% Colorado organically grown

USDA certified organic Colorado-grown hemp
USDA certified organic Colorado-grown hemp

Grown with Wellness for Body, Mind and Soul

Grown in the Beautiful State of Colorado the 38th State in the Union. Always Choose CBD38™

No Harmful Additives

 Our products are ONLY grown on triple certified approved organic farms. That are also certified Earth Kosher.

CBD Edibles

For those who prefer not to use oils or

Certified Organic from Soil to Oil
Certified USDA Organic

Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids is made with your lifestyle in mind – Body, Mind and Soul.

We provide CBD38™ products and services for people who want to thrive and be abuntant in their lifestyles. We continually utilize the highest standard of hemp DNA genetics, growing practices and processing methods, and we’re committed to health support for a better quality of life.

Support your health and wellness with all-natural CBD38™ Crafted Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids and Services!

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Happy Shoppers

When I first tried Thrive  CBD38™, I was curious and hopeful, but also somewhat skeptical. I had been suffering from insomnia off and on for a while and tried different remedies.

Then I read reviews and scientific research on the amazing benefits of CBD, including for serious chronic illnesses from cancer to arthritis.

And so it was with a sense of great relief that I noticed an immediate effect from the product on my body / mind and felt calm and peaceful.

It turns out this is a state of homeostasis where the body returns to balance. In this state, healing can take place at every level including cellular. My sleep has improved and I don’t miss a night. If I’m reviewing my to do list at 3 a.m., I also add some extreme relief cream and doze right off! I’m hooked! Thrive CBD is an excellent pure product. I’m telling friends and family!

The general public should be more educated about the important results for health and well-being. Highly recommend!

I have also used the Extreme Relief Cream as a massage oil for family and clients. It is a true healing balm for the muscles and brings deep relaxation.

DE / Denver, CO


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