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Certified Organic from Soil to Oil

Maximum Relief CBG38™ Flower
Stay Healthy and Stay Happy
Get Peace of Mind with CBD Products


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100% Colorado organically grown

USDA certified organic Colorado-grown hemp

Grown with Wellness in Mind

Grown in the Beautiful State of Colorado

No Harmful Additives

Our products are ONLY grown on approved organic farms.

CBD Edibles

For those who prefer not to use oils or

Certified Organic from Soil to Oil
Certified USDA Organic

Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids is made with your lifestyle in mind.

We provide CBD38™ products for people who want to keep living the active lifestyles they enjoy. We continually strive to utilize the highest standard of hemp genetics, growing practices and processing methods, and we are committed to natural health support for a better quality of life.

Support your health and wellness with all-natural Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids!


Happy Shoppers

I started using the products for my baby girl. She was getting very old and I know that I got very much needed extra time with her. I use Thrive-crafted cannabinoids cream, lotion, and oil for myself daily. I truly use it for everything from skin irritation to daily aches and pains.
We both just feel so much better. Very highly recommended.

Happy Customer

I was injured in the Army 40 years ago. Taking Dynamic Balance has truly changed my outlook on life. My pain is almost completely gone, and I can now ride my bike!

Thank you so much!

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