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Referral Network


Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids is developing a referral network to connect providers and clients.

Based in Colorado, with associates throughout the USA.

Canna Nurses

Not only are we acting as a “middle man” between these parties, but we’re also a source for high-quality clinical CBD38™ that providers can feel good about recommending to their patients.

Our transparent process and third-party testing gives providers complete details about our natural CBD38™ products and allows them to feel confident in recommending Thrive Crafted Cannabinoids to their patients. We work with doctors looking for a reliable and legitimate alternative to narcotics, providing therapeutic treatments, and offering complementary therapies.

Patients needing a doctor who is fluent in and comfortable with CBD38™ will be able to find a “friendly” doctor in our referral network.

We also work with the CannaNurses organization, a community of nurses who support the CBD38™ movement and work toward making clinical CBD38™ normalized for both patients and doctors.